Hello World


For a while now I have been called to do more with my life. To branch out. To follow my heart. To live my dreams. I have always loved to write. From poetry, short stories, to simple journaling, it has always been a passion and a sanctuary. Today a new chapter in my life begins. Today my blog is born.

I have always been someone who, once they make up their mind that’s it. It was the same way with deciding to start a blog. I was in a place of feeling stagnant. Feeling like I wasn’t moving, stuck. I wanted more but didn’t know how to get more. How to do more. How to feel more and so I fell back on my old friend, pen and paper. I have always written as a form of escape. A way to express myself more clearly than I can with the spoken word. So, the thought of starting a blog to share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions seemed to make sense. If I loved writing and sharing ideas, why couldn’t I write a blog?

So here I am, introducing my blog to you. This will be a mix of things, lifestyle posts, personal thoughts and experiences, book reviews (as I am always happy to share my opinion on a recent read). I hope that, even if you don’t enjoy all the content, you find something that will spark something in you. My hope is to post at least once a week, maybe on Mondays, but we will see how things evolve. Of course, you will have to bear with me as I first start out and find my flow. But, I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.



One thought on “Hello World

  1. Michelle

    Congratulations! Enjoy this leg of your journey.
    I hope to continue to be one of your biggest fans or at at least most certainly your first fan. 💖


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