My first experience with comics: Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Review

I have always been a fan of super hero movies. I was basically raised on Sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows. My mom and I have a tradition of seeing every new Marvel movie on opening weekend. We love them and it’s our way of bonding. When the Wonder Woman movie came out last year, in 2017, I was excited. I am all for badass women, who are complex and totally awesome. I was not disappointed, it was an amazing movie and I fell in love with Wonder Woman instantly.

So I already love Wonder Woman as a character and over the past few months I have become more and more interested in delving into comic books and graphic novels. I was lucky enough to receive DC Rebirth Wonder Woman Vol. 1 The Lies by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, and Laura Martin from a friend for my birthday. I was over the moon. One of my favourite characters and a comic to try!

“I believe in love, Steve. I know there are many who think that is foolish, but I truly do believe in it. I believe we should be allowed to love one another, and do so without restraint. I believe that love is not limited, but limitless.” –Diana Prince

I will start off with what I liked about the comic. It was a nice fast read. Sometimes, especially when working to get out of a slump a fast read is really helpful. It makes you feel accomplished. From what I am gathering comics can be a great way to finish a few books toward your Goodreads challenge. The second thing I liked about this comic was the story. It wasn’t an origin story, but rather it was Wonder Woman trying to make sense of all the stories about her to get to the truth. I won’t go into spoilers, but the story was gripping. I was learning bits of information here and there, while still not being completely sure of the whole story. The characters were interesting, the relationships were interesting, and the plot was interesting! There is definitely more to the story and I am looking forward to picking up the next volumes and reading more. Finally, I loved Diana as a character. There was so much depth to her. She was strong and determined, but still scared and confused about who she really is.

Finally, on to what I didn’t like about this comic. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like it, but rather that it didn’t “wow” me. What I’m talking about is the art. While there were some absolutely beautiful images of Diana, some were lack luster. There were panels here and there that were a bit off, maybe even a bit sloppy. Overall I enjoyed the art, it wasn’t terrible and it didn’t turn me off. It just wasn’t something that made me think “wow this would be a beautiful art piece” or have me captivated with the images.

Final thoughts? The story is amazing. Diana is an amazing character. She is so full of love and compassion. Even for those who don’t see a single shred of good left in themselves, she will find it and embrace it and nourish it.  I am definitely looking forward to the next volumes and would recommend this to anyone interested in Wonder Woman, quick reads, and comics.

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

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