It’s The Little Things

I have been lying in bed for days now, recovering from a surgery and trauma that I may talk about in a later post. I have been unable to move, stagnant, and static. I have been living in a body that does not have the strength to do what it usually does. My routine is off. My body is restless, my soul more so. I have been healing, of course, and that is a great feat in itself. My body has been working day in and day out to heal and recover, to get myself back to where it was before this journey began. But all that is beside the point. Yes, I am going through this journey and this pain, but it has taught me a lot.

With so much time to look into myself, to rest, and to think, I have come to realize just how much is taken for granted. The past few weeks I had come out of more stale energy that was keeping me stuck. I had begun to move my body more, to healthier again, and just live a more fulfilled life. I would wake up every morning and drink some water, after taking vitamin D, I would then do some simple body weight training. I would then walk my dog and have breakfast before starting the rest of my day. Now that I am unable to follow this lose routine I had designed for myself it is apparent how important our little habits are.

All the small things we do every day become huge parts of our identity and feed into our happiness. All the small things I do every day feed into the life I want to lead and maintaining a healthy balance. That being said, it has also become clear that it is important to take the time you need to heal. Though I have always taken my time when recovering from illness or injury I have not always given myself the time to heal from emotional or mental drain.

This down time has shown me just how important and blessed my life is. Simply being well enough to walk my dog, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, and see friends and family are such incredibly sacred gifts. These things are simple things that we often forget, myself included. Life can be so busy that we are focusing on the future and not the present. Focusing on the things we want to achieve and gain, the things we are yet to have, we forget the things we do have. I am so thankful for the life I have, flaws and obstacles included. It is filled with joy, fun, friends, family, adventures, and opportunities. Of course it is also filled with challenges and difficult times, but all those moments of struggle remind me of how blessed I am to live this life, to have the opportunities to make my own choices, follow my own heart, and be the person I want to be.

There are million things to be grateful for, that fill my life with joy and love, and this time of healing and struggle have reminded me of all the little things that I hold dear in my heart.



One thought on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Yes. Wonderfully said, and so true. Gratitude or being grateful of all the little things is so important to one’s well-being and outlook- so many of which we take for granted but play an important part in our lives. So I’m glad you are able to realize how wonderful those things are to you. P.S. Sorry for the late comment, it’s been busy.

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