Lesson 1 – #23lessons

If you have been following my Instagram you would have seen that in March I posted 23 things I learned in 23 years. They were life lessons or reminders for myself of some of the things I had learned. This series that I am starting will be exploring these lessons. I will explore, expand on, and discuss what the single line lessons mean to me, how I use them in my life, and how I came to learn them.

So today I will be discussing lesson 1 of the 23 things I’ve learned.

1. You can Change Your Life in a Single Moment

This is something that I think many people forget, or that many people don’t want to admit. I know I feel this way occasionally. There are times in life when one can get so wrapped up in what is happening that it feels like there is no way out. Feelings of helplessness and despair often come along with things we are not happy about or excited to be doing. Yet, there is the possibility to change your life in a single moment, whether you choose to or not. If you are working a job that you absolutely hate there is the possibility to quit. Though many people don’t quit for various reasons, like money or responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you have a choice.

No matter what you do in life you always have a choice, I always have a choice. Even if that choice is to do nothing, it is still making a choice. If you are feeling run down and like you want a change you can change your life in a moment. Get a dramatic haircut, dye it. Get a tattoo. Spontaneously join a new class or club. Say hi to that person you keep seeing in class but have never talked to. Pick up that book that has been sitting in your room for ages. The simplest of choices can make a huge effect on the rest of your life. One single moment can create a butterfly effect and radiate change out to the universe to influence the rest of your life.

It seems silly, I know. You’re probably thinking “but I can’t change my life in a moment. That doesn’t make sense.” Maybe it doesn’t, but maybe it does. If you woke up every morning and decided that every day you would do one thing you talked yourself out of, what would your life be like? Would you have bought and worn that outfit that you never thought you could pull off, only to end up feeling absolutely amazing in it? Would you volunteer for that project at work that you didn’t think you were qualified for? Would you ask that cute person out at your local bookstore? Who knows where you could be. You could be living your dream life if you just said yes to yourself for a single moment a day. So say yes. Maybe not every day, maybe not to every moment, but say yes. Take one moment in the day, one thought, and say yes to it (without harming anyone or yourself, of course) and see what your life is like.


3 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – #23lessons

  1. I agree. There have been so many moments in my life that I look back and realize had I not gone for this or that chance; I wouldn’t be where I am today. Even the tough moments or ones that were making a big move have lead somewhere or taught me a valuable lesson. I look forward to reading your other lessons too.

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