When to DNF a Book

If you are up on all your book community lingo you would know that DNF means a book you did not finish. Sometimes when you start a book, no matter how much hype there is about it in the book community it is just not for you. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that the book is bad, it just means that the people who hyped it have different taste than you do, or it just wasn’t the right time for you to read it. There are a lot of reasons why someone would not finish a book. Below is my personal list of reasons why you should give up on your book (at least for now).

1. The characters are just not your cup of tea

Sometimes in books the plot is amazing, but the characters you have to follow are not doing it for you. The story can be really great, but characters can rub you the wrong way. It could be the writing, the dialogue, the characteristics of the characters, all could be aspects that just don’t sit right with you. Sometimes, unlikable characters are great in a story if the plot is good enough and is interesting. The only trouble is when the character(s) is unlikable and the plot is uninteresting then it may be time for you to put this book down.

2. The plot is not interesting

This one is pretty straight forward. But if the plot is just really not doing it for you or you just can’t seem to get interested in what’s happening in the book, well, then it might be a case where this book is just not for you. When the plot is not for you, then it can be hard to keep reading and finish the book.

“Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle.”
― Isabella Poretsis

3. You are 100 pages in and have been 100 pages in for who knows how long

This has happened to me more than once. I start a book and it’s really good, but I’ve gotten to a hundred pages and have been around a hundred pages for I don’t know how long. It just sits there staring at me. It’s just waiting there, a hundred pages read, but not moving any further into it. For whatever reason I just can’t make it passed the 100 page mark. When this happens I often have to make the difficult decision to decide if I am going to work the rest of the way through the book or if I’m going to give up on it.

4. The idea is interesting, the plot is interesting, but it’s bad timing

Books are like relationships. While you read its pages you are in a committed relationship with it’s story and characters. That being said, like some relationships, timing is everything. You can meet an amazing book. It’s got great personality, all the bells and whistles, the plot is good, the characters are great, but it’s just bad timing. Just like some relationships it wont work now, but if it was some other time, some other circumstance it would work out amazingly. So, if you are in a relationship with a book that seems perfect, but the timing is just off it’s okay. You can set it down, maybe picking it up at a different time will be better.

These are just a few situations when I may make the decision to DNF a book, but of course there are many more situations out there. I hope that you are having a good reading season. As for me I will be off deciding whether or not I should DNF a book.


One thought on “When to DNF a Book

  1. Great post I really enjoyed this one, and could relate. I like how you broke down each point and described it. And, yes, I have definitely had those same experiences with particular books- disappointed when it’s interest or timing didn’t work out-. Good luck with your deciding. P.S. Took me a while, but once I figured out what DNF meant, it totally made sense, and gave me a smile.


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