Deadpool 2 – REVIEW

*Disclaimer* This is entirely my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree. Also, I do not have an extensive knowledge of Deadpool in the Marvel comics and therefore can’t speak to the characters accuracy in the films as they relate to specific details within the comics.

In 2016 Deadpool was released and boy was it a shocker. Most Marvel Cinematic Universe fans knew that Deadpool was coming out and most of us were excited. It was an exciting time. Deadpool! The Merc with the Mouth! On the big Screen! Rated R (or 18+ for us Canadians). It was a huge deal. The first Rated R superhero movie. I think a lot of us were expecting the blood and gore, and those who knew the character were expecting the sarcasm, quips, and wit. The movie was released and it was a huge hit! So many people loved it. I think Ryan Reynolds loved it the most, considering the terrible tragedy that was Wade Wilson in Wolverine: Origins… yeah, definitely was not what people expected from Deadpool.

So Deadpool was a great rebirth for the character and Ryan Reynolds. If I do say so myself, he really is perfect in the role. So, on to what you’ve all been waiting for right? My thoughts on the recent release Deadpool 2. Well, when I am writing this I have now seen it twice in theaters… in the same week. I know… Crazy right? Well, I suppose that gives you a bit of an idea of how I felt about it.


I was so excited to see Deadpool 2 when it’s release date was made public and all the ads started up. It looked SO good. I have always loved the morally grey characters in Marvel, more accurately I have always loved morally grey characters in general. Wolverine/Logan was one of my favourite characters for a long time. I grew up loving the X-Men movies specifically because of him (though X-Men has A LOT of issues, but I won’t get into that here).

So, Deadpool 2. Where do I start? First of all, the plot. It was definitely a hero’s journey type of plot. We’ve got the tragic event that triggers all kinds of events following suit. The downfall of our ‘hero’. The rising action. The climax and finally the resolution. The plot line is definitely standard, but the movie is in no way standard. How can a movie about a mercenary for hire be standard, right? So, without any spoilers, I will say that I enjoyed the plot and the twists. There were some really good moments that surprised me.

Okay, plot is out of the way, now onto the good stuff. Deadpool as a character. First of all, all that good and expected fourth-wall-breaking. It was definitely there in all the right places. I mean, I was laughing so often during this film. The typical cynical humour of Wade Wilson was not missing and was out in full force in all the right places. Wade also grew a lot, I mean he should shouldn’t he? There was some pretty big stuff in this film, but he grew in all the right ways, by doing all the wrong things, in typical Wade fashion.

Ryan Reynolds has worked so hard to make these films true to the character. I think the whole Wolverine: Origins thing really pushed him to work his hardest on making these new movies an accurate representation of who Wade Wilson is. From his moral flexibility to his sexual flexibility Ryan Reynolds has finally been able to give the Deadpool we have all been waiting for.

Of course, it can’t be perfect, how do you put hundreds of comics worth of lore, history, and character into a 2 hour movie? But, for a 2 hour movie where I’m sure a bunch of different plot lines and characters were compiled from different sources it was well worth the wait and I do not regret seeing it twice.

As a result of both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 I have really been intrigued with Wade Wilson and his story. I even bought a collection of the Deadpool comics and am SUPER excited to get into it more and learn more about the Merc with the Mouth. I will forever love morally grey characters that still somehow manage to have redeeming qualities.

So for all you superhero movie fans, go out and see Deadpool 2, but don’t be surprised by the blood, gore, cynicism, and swearing, because how can it be Deadpool without all those things?

In the words of Wade Wilson

Maximum Effort,

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