LGBTQ+ Books I Want to Read (Pt. 2) – Fantasy

I am back with another Pride Month Special! Today I am going to be focusing on Fantasy! Fantasy has been one of my favourite genres for as long as I can remember. I just love diving into far away worlds, learning about new people, places, magic systems, and creatures. So today, I am going to talk about the 5 LGBTQ+ Fantasy books I want to read (and that you might want to read too)!


Huntress – Malinda Lo

In a world where everything is out of balance, the sun hasn’t shone in years, crops are failing, and dangerous creatures roam, two teenage girls Kaede and Taisin, are chosen to go on a dangerous journey to Tanlili, the city of the Fairy Queen. Taisin is a sage and Kaede has no touch of the otherworldly, but their destinies are drawn together. But, as their city succumbs to unearthly attacks and fairy tricks it only needs one Huntress to save it.

This is a fantasy story steeped with Chinese influence that sounds so engaging. Two teenage girls forced on a mission to try to save their world, fall in love, and encounter dangers along the way. Huntress is the prequel to Malinda Lo’s novel Ash, which is also on this list. The idea of fairies, unearthly battle, love, and danger are always fun in a story. Hopefully this one is as good as it sounds.

(Lesbian characters)


Ash – Malinda Lo

After her father’s death Ash is at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed by her grief she can only find joy in rereading the fairy tales her mother used to tell her. The fairies are said to steal her away and in her dreams they do. When she meets the dark fairy Sidhean she believes her dreams will come true. However, when Ash meets Kaisa, the kings huntress, her heart begins to change. She learns to hunt with Kaisa and relearns how to love. But Sidhean has already claimed Ash, so she must choose between her fairy tale dream and her true love.

If you didn’t pick up on the similarities this is a retelling of Cinderella, of course with a twist. For one, our main character falls in love with a girl. There is also a much darker tone to this story, from the summary, that is more similar to the original fairy tale, as fairy tales aren’t as sweet and filled with happy endings as Disney would like us to believe. If you like fairy tale retellings, female/female romance, and some dark fairies this might be the one for you.

(Lesbian characters)


Labyrinth Lost – Zoraida Córdova

Alex is a Bruja, the most powerful witch in a generation. At her Deathday Celebration she casts a spell in the hopes to rid her of her magic. The spell backfires. Her family vanishes, leaving her with Nova, a Brujo she can’t trust but who may be the only person that can help her save her family.

This book is said to be a beautiful fantasy, a little bit of supernatural mixed in with the fantasy genre. It is also full of diversity. From a bisexual love triangle to the Latino elements of the story, there is a lot of hope for this one being a great read.

(Bisexual character)


Reign of the Fallen – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Did someone say bisexual master necromancer who has to fight the dead she has been raising as they rampage? Because, I am IN! Odessa is on of Karthia’s mater necromancers, catering the the ruling dead, and it is her job to raise nobles by retrieving their soul from the shadow world called the Deadland. These dead must stay shrouded or they risk becoming a zombie-like monster called a Shade. A rise in Shade attacks raises suspicions and fears among the necromancer community, and soon reveals a conspiracy. Odessa is soon faced with the question: What if her magic is what brings Karthia to its knees?

I honestly don’t know what sounds better the bisexual main character who is a necromancer, dead nobility becoming zombies, a fantasy world where you can retrieve souls, or the possibility that one person could destroy an entire civilization. This book sounds absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to pick it up.

(Bisexual main character, lesbian character, and gay characters)


Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire

Ever wondered what happened to the children who go through magical doors, like to Narnia, once they get back to the real world? Well this is the first in a series all about just that! There is a home for children who have gone through magical doors and are having a hard time adjusting to normal life after their return. Nancy arrives at this Home and things begin to change.

If you ever want a short fantasy read about children who came back from magical places this is for you. This novella is the first in the Wayward Children series and features an asexual main character. I am hoping that when I get to this one it will be a fun, quick read!

(Asexual main character)

We have come to the end of my fantasy recommendations but don’t fret, this list is of course not exhaustive. These are just a few of the Fantasy books I want to read with LGBTQ+ characters, because let’s be honest, my list of books I want to read is way too big for a single blog post.

Let me know if you want to (or have) read any of these recommendations! Also, let me know if you know of any fascinating fantasy with LGBTQ+ characters!

Happy Pride!

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