Falling in Love with Comic Books (and Graphic Novels)

This year has been a wild ride in terms of my reading. I am reading books that I NEVER thought I would be reading. Yet, the majority of my reading so far this year has been comics and graphic novels. I know that there are many people who love comics and/or graphic novels and some people who pretty much never pick one up.

Up until now I had been one of those people who had never picked up a comic or graphic novel. As a kid once I got reading I was reading novels. I started with anything and everything related to animals (I used to want to be a vet). I would read all kinds of novels written about saving animals, as well as non-fiction books on animals and nature in general. I remember specifically reading a book about chameleons multiple times, and then moving onto more horror and fantasy books, but that’s not the point of this.

I’m here to talk to you about how I fell in love with comics and graphic novels. I’ll be honest I didn’t even really think about them until a few months ago. Getting completely sucked into booktube and bookstagram really opened my eyes to them. There were many different booktubers that were talking about graphic novels they read and enjoyed or wanted to read. This piqued my interest. What were all these books people were talking about? How did I not realize that all these books with amazing art were out there in the world.


So there I was now somewhat intrigued by graphic novels. Then I got Wonder Woman on blu ray, (I know, I know who still buys movies?!) and watched it again. It got me really interested in her story and lore. Of course, I have always been a Marvel and superhero fan, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to be interested in comic books. Black Panther also encouraged that interest. I was dying for more from that world! I mean, come on, badass warrior women, african technologically advanced nation, badass black superhero! I couldn’t get enough! I had amazing friends who bought me some comics for my birthday and I loved the Wonder Woman comic I got. I did a review on it here.

So I started taking graphic novels out at the library and really fell into them. I loved how quickly I could finish them, as well as the artwork and the stories. They really were so much fun! It felt a little strange because there aren’t a lot of booktubers or bookstagramers talking about graphic novels and/or comics, at least out of the ones I currently follow, but that wouldn’t put a damper on my enjoyment. I currently haven’t read a lot of comics yet but I am looking forward to it. The omnibus and collection option seems to be the way I would go with it, it makes me feel like I’m getting way more for what I’m paying rather than buying each issue, especially when the comics I am interested in have been around for so long!

Overall, superhero movies and artwork/illustration has definitely been what pulled me into graphic novels and comics. I’m a sucker for great art and illustration. I’m also a sucker for quick reads (it just makes me feel more productive). So, I am looking forward to my continued journey with comics and graphic novels.

Do you read comics or graphic novels? Do you have any favourites?


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