Life Update – Sept 2018

Hello Friends!

It’s been so long since I’ve written and posted. It’s felt like forever, but there just hasn’t been the time and I just haven’t had the energy to write and post lately. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy and tiring for me. It was one of those times where everything happens at the same time, because life just likes to play like that.

So, where have I been you may ask? Why haven’t I been posting? Well, to be honest it’s nothing that exciting. Over the past few weeks, realistically for the majority of the summer, there has been a lot of decluttering, reorganizing, and redecorating going on. It was one of those things where stuff just piles up and because you were living life and then one day “Oh! I guess that’s something I should take a look at.” So that’s what I’ve been doing.

As life usually does it likes to pile things on all at once. While decluttering and redecorating my room, there were unexpected surprises that needed to be taken care of rather quickly, which adds to the stress and exhaustion. It was just my luck that I would get sick just as all this was wrapping up and school was starting up.

So I had to get ready to go back to school, starting a new program, being sick, having no furniture in my room (because I was redecorating and getting new furniture). Overall I was generally tired and unmotivated to write blog posts, but now I’m back and will hopefully start posting at least once a week again.

To summarise here is what I’ve been up to:

  1. I spent the summer declutter, reorganizing, and redecorating – Yay!
  2. There were many unexpected situations that needed to be attended to – Boo!
  3. I got sick – Boo!
  4. I started a new program at school – Yay!

I am looking forward to getting back into blogging!

2 thoughts on “Life Update – Sept 2018

  1. Happy to hear that you are getting back into blogging again. And I agree redecorating is quite the process, nor does getting sick help but as always look forward to future blog reading.


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