Lesson 6 – #23lessons

I am back with another life lesson! As my next birthday will be around the corner in a few months I figured I should speed this along and get to the lessons I learned in the past 23 years. So, here is number 7.

There is pure, brilliant, powerful energy within you

In a society where you are raised to believe that one person cannot make a difference and that the world is a competitive place it can often be difficult to feel self confident. It can be hard to feel like you are worthy, powerful, or competent in your life. This can be especially difficult if you have been told no or been demeaned in any way throughout your life. It’s a funny thing to be trained that you can’t make a difference in your life or that you have no power, but the reality is everyone is filled with energy that can be used to do whatever you want with.

This one might seem a bit weird to some people, and that’s understandable. I’ll just explain my opinion and my thoughts. Everything is energy. Our molecules are constantly moving and generating energy. Our cells are constantly generating energy. So, it would is not a very far off thought to believe that there is another form of energy within each of us. Energy that can be used for things other than eating, breathing, moving, and so on. This kind of energy is the kind that allows you to have the motivation to work on or finish a project. It’s the energy that allows you to feel so strongly about something that an idea finds its way into your mind and you have to do everything you can to see it fulfilled.

In a way I suppose it is simply saying that you are able to do anything you put your mind to, but it is often hard to remember that. Just remember, you are magic and you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.


One thought on “Lesson 6 – #23lessons

  1. Great blogpost, and inspiration for today. It’s true as well, sometimes I forget what I’m capable of doing or that I can do great things; especially when life becomes discouraging or feel like things haven’t progressed as one would have liked, but your post is great inspiration to keep on going.


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