Lesson 13 – #23Lessons

Hello friends, 

This lesson is one that comes in handy when things aren’t going well. 

Take a walk in nature when you’re feeling lost

There are times in life when things get overwhelming, whether its work and obligations or just feeling lost about what to do with your life. I can personally attest to this one, and I’m sure most people can. When I’m feeling lost for any number of reasons nature is always something that helps clear my mind and find the answers to the questions I’m looking for.

There has been a lot of talk about nature and how it effects humans. Most of the discussion talks about how it is beneficial and I would agree with these thoughts. For me personally, nature is a safe space to think and breathe and just be without worrying about life. 

When you’re feeling lost sometimes just being in nature is a great escape. Even if it’s just walking your dog or taking a five minute walk around the block. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air to clear your head.


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