Lesson 7 – #23lessons

Hello friends!

Today’s post is another lesson from my birthday post. I figured since there isn’t a whole lot of the year left I should probably pick up the pace and finish up this series. Today’s lesson is one about not feeling guilty about your choices and what you do in your spare time.

There will always be more books

As an avid reader there was a time where I felt guilty about not finishing a book, not liking a book someone had told me to read, or not being interested in reading a book that had a lot of hype. As a result I would feel like I have to finish a book, regardless of how I felt about it.

What a weird way to feel isn’t it? Something you do for fun should never feel like an obligation or have to be forced. Regardless of what that is. If you aren’t a reader, but you do something else as your hobby, it should never feel like you are forcing yourself to do it.

In terms of reading, there are so many books out there, that forcing yourself to read one that you don’t like seems silly. It should never feel bad to do something you do for fun. If it’s not fun anymore change what you’re doing or stop for the moment.

Always have fun with your hobbies.


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