Lesson 8 – #23lessons

Hello friends,

Lesson 8 is one that can be difficult to acknowledge and love about yourself when the society we live in encourages competition. There are more important things than just being competitive and hard.

It’s okay to be softhearted

Our society doesn’t often support the soft ones in the world. There is a lot of emphasis on competition and the idea that the world is cold and hard. This may be true in some aspects, but the world isn’t all hard. There are lots of beautiful and soft things, including many people. I used to be afraid to show my heart. I would keep myself from expressing emotions. I would hide my fear, my sadness, my joy. It was due to a mix of insecurity and being afraid of this so-called “hard” world.

Now, where I am now in my life, I don’t hide my heart. I don’t hide what makes me sad, what hurts my heart. I am proud to be who I am. Being softhearted does not mean that I am a push-over, or fragile, or weak. It means that I feel, am empathetic, and gentle. It means that I feel deeply and I feel fully, and I am not ashamed of that.

So don’t hide away if you are soft, gentle, kind, compassionate, or tender. Don’t hide your truth. Though we are taught that the world is hard, there are so many wonderful things in the world. There are so many softhearted souls waiting for you to find them. There are so many joys and magical adventures that those who see the kindness in the world, and radiate it, will find.

Be tender. Be kind. Be you.


3 thoughts on “Lesson 8 – #23lessons

  1. Wonderful blogpost, and very true. It’s the soft hearted ones that remind us to be kinder and gentler on ourselves than we are; and help us see the beauty in the world. I also believe that knowing souls help us create more of a balance in us. ☺️💗


  2. Also true, and some wonderful insights for today, or follow-up insights for your blogpost as every once in a while it’s important to remember these things. So, thank-you for sharing. 🙂


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