Venom (2018) – Movie Review

Hello friends!

I know I’m late with this review. Venom has been out for awhile now and I’m sure if you were planning on seeing it you already have, and if you weren’t planning on seeing it you probably haven’t changed your mind. I will be honest, the main reason I haven’t written about this yet is because I have been swamped in school work. I am still currently swamped, but I am sitting down to put out some blog posts.

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Anyway, enough of the babble, here is my review. First, I will say that I was a little apprehensive about seeing this movie. I love superhero movies and I love marvel movies, but this one I wasn’t too sure about. I didn’t know much about Venom going in. I really had very little knowledge of the character other than he was a symbiote and the arch enemy of Spider-man. So, with that I wasn’t sure how dark it was going to be, or how much gratuitous violence was involved.

So, I ended up seeing it anyway and I will say it’s a fun movie! I actually really enjoyed the character of Venom (knowing nothing from comics). The whole relationship with Eddie and Venom was interesting and kind of funny. I mean, there are some pretty dark themes in this movie and it starts off pretty grim, but the humour between the two is really great at point. Venom is increasingly more interesting as we learn more about the symbiote and it’s relationship with Eddie.

I will say this, I found Venom funnier than Eddie. I’m not sure if Eddie was supposed to be funny or not, but personally Venom’s comedic moments were much funnier. I also really enjoyed learning about Venom’s motives and beliefs as the film went on.

The one negative I have is that there were some plot holes – avoiding spoilers – and some things that didn’t make a lot of sense. Some of the plot points made me scratch my head, but they could be overlooked by the absolute fun that was Venom. Overall, Venom was not my favourite marvel movie, but it was definitely a whole lot of fun! It also really made we want read up on some Venom comics to learn more about the morally grey symbiote.


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