Lesson 9 & 10 – #23lessons

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a good day. There are moments in life when I think most people think to themselves “I’m so weird. Why can’t I be normal?” or when people have others say “You’re so weird.” In these moments I wonder to myself what normal really is. Well, today’s lesson discusses that.

9. There is no such thing as normal

10. Embrace your nerdiness

We live in a society where normality is something that is described as the best option. A society where conformity is how we get on without any opposition or upheaval. Of course, most people reading this are going to think “What no! I don’t conform! I’m different!” Which is absolutely true! We are all different, but think back to when you did something that maybe someone didn’t agree with or when you had an opinion that wasn’t the same as someone else, did you write it off as you just being weird? Did they call you weird?

We often write people and things off for being weird and different, but at the same time we encourage individuality and difference, so where is the line? What is acceptable to conform to and what is an acceptable amount of difference? Does any of this really matter?

I would argue that it doesn’t. If we all talk about individuality there shouldn’t be qualifiers. This is where this lesson comes from. There is really no such thing as normal. Everyone is unique and different and that is what makes this world beautiful and wonderful.

This goes on to those of us who are nerdy about something. Whether it’s books, movies, comics, video games, music, or anything at all, whatever makes you a nerd makes you different and that is beautiful! It is so wonderful that we are all different and have passions. It is so endearing and engaging when someone is passionate about something different from yourself. It makes you want to listen to them talk about it. Your passions, those things you are nerdy about, are incredible and fascinating. I love people with passions, whatever that passion is. If it makes you happy and excited it is wonderful.

Lots of people, including myself, have at one point in time felt different and left out, so they try to fit in. People try to do what others do, like what they like, and believe what they believe, but it’s not fulfilling, it’s not real. It’s a superficial attempt to be accepted and cared for. I’m not saying that people don’t change, because we do, we grow, learn, and evolve throughout life, but there are things about each and every one of us that is different. Those differences are wonderful, so if someone every calls you weird or thinks something you do or love is weird, take it as a complement. Don’t feel bad for who you are or what you love.

There is nothing wrong with you. We are all different and diversity is beautiful.


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