Why I don’t Use/Stick to a TBR

Hello friends,

If you are an avid reader you will know that many of us like to set out a certain selection of books to read for a certain period of time, usually each month. That list is usually called a TBR or To Be Read pile. Now, today I’m going to tell you why I don’t use a TBR.

When I was young I never planned what I was going to read. I just picked up whatever book I felt drawn to for whatever reason and read it. I had no plan, unless I was reading a series, of what I was going to read next. When Bookstagram and Booktube came along it became a widespread idea to use TBRs.

There are countless videos on youtube about a booktubers TBR for every month of year. There are countless photos on instagram of someones stack of TBR books. If you participate in bookstagram challenges day one is most often TBR. So, that is a lot of TBR/reading planning related content. When I first got into bookstagram challenges I felt like I “had” to have a TBR, so I would pick one for myself. Usually it would be 4 or so books that I wanted to read and often included one I was in the middle of.

Well, this was usually pointless. For one thing, as soon as the school year started back up the amount of time I used for reading decreased immensely. I no longer spent 3 or 4 hours out of my day reading for fun because I am usually spending that time reading lectures, working on an assignment, or doing discussion work. I also found that I really don’t finish books very quickly during the school year. Part of that is my own fault because I don’t carve out the time to read, but part of it is just that I don’t have the mental energy to read after spending so much time doing school work.

The other thing about my reading is that I’m a major mood reader. I can be in the middle of an amazing book, but depending on the circumstance just not feel like picking it up. It could be that I’ve had a stressful few days or weeks so I want something light. It could be that I’m tired so I just want something short or I could just be in the mood to read a bit of poetry because I’m not feeling narratives.

As a result of all these tings TBR lists are just not something that works for me. Though everyone is different and some people swear by TBR lists, I just can’t do it. That’s not to say that I don’t have a TBR of all the books I want to read, I don’t limit certain books to a certain time period because that probably wont help me read more.

Whether you use a TBR or not, just keep reading.


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