Lesson 11 – #23lessons

Hello friends,

I am back again with another lesson. This one is incredibly important for anyone and everyone, including myself. It can often be hard for many of us to support ourselves in whatever we choose to do.

Believe in yourself

As humans we are always looking for the approval of others. We want to feel like people are noticing our skills, acheivements, and talents. We want that recognition for things we do in our lives. We want people to believe in us and our dreams. There is nothing wrong with that. It is competely acceptable to want and enjoy others believing in your dreams, but what might possibly be more important is believing in yourself.

There are times in life when people wont believe in you, support you, or understand your dreams. It may not be something that happens often, it might be something where some people support you and some people don’t, but regardless of the situation you can’t let that lack of support stop you.

Dreams are beautiful and sacred and should be acted on. If you have a dream to travel somewhere, do something, change careers entirely, regardless of who believes in you, you should believe in yourself. Nothing ever got done solely on the backs of other peoples belief. Inventors, artists, creators, and the like must believe in themselves in order to reach their goals and succeed.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life you can believe in yourself and achieve your goals.


One thought on “Lesson 11 – #23lessons

  1. Excellent, and well-said my friend. So very true that it’s ultimately up to us to believe in ourselves and our own dreams no matter what; and possibly once we do it will be easier for us to do that with us. It’s also something I’ve been working on myself, along with learning how to be proud of what I’m working on and less afraid to share that with others.

    It’s a great step in self-confidence and belief, but so far is going well. Keep believing in whatever you do and keep up the wonderful insights.Kylie XX


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