Lesson 14 & 15 – #23Lessons

Hello friends,

As my 24th year begins to get closer, I realize that I should probably finish this series off strong. So, here are the next two lessons I’ve learned. Both of them can go hand-in-hand as they can work together to benefit each other.

Take time to experience new things

Often in life we get incredibly busy with obligations and jobs and family and so on. We get so caught up in the day to day that we just stick with the routine and the familiar. Though there is nothing wrong with the familiar and the routine, there is also something to be said about experiencing new things. New things open our eyes to new things we may like or enjoy. It also just exposes us to something different. These new experiences are nice to help break up the routine, bond with friends or family, or bond with ourselves.

These new experiences can be simple or extravagant. They can be as simple as trying a new drink at your favourite coffee shop, to as extravagant as travelling to a new country.

Reset stale energy with movement

Another lesson I have learned is that movement can really help with resetting stale energy. This goes along with stepping outside of the routine, or developing a routine that involves movement. Movement can be something as basic as going for a walk around the block, or taking your dog for a walk, but it can also be something like trying a new sport, fitness class, or workout routine. Doing regular movement can help to keep you from feeling stuck and bored in your everyday life.

As I mentioned trying new things and movement can go together. Some activities that can help with stale energy, and provide a new experience, are things like hiking in a new place, trying a new fun fitness class that seems interesting. Both of these lessons are things that I really have been benefiting from.

Hopefully you are adding new experiences into your life.


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