Lesson 18 & 19 – #23Lessons

Hello friends,

Here are some more lessons I’ve learned in life.

Follow your hearts desires

This one is fairly cliched and most people have heard it or have had someone say it to them, but this is one I think that a lot of people forget or don’t actually believe. A lot of us do what we “should” do and what is expected of us, but they may not always be things that make us happy or fulfilled. I have been guilty of this, doing what seems like the “better” option and what would get you the “better” job, but that led to me feeling unfulfilled and unhappy and I wasn’t living the life I wanted.

If you’re heart is telling you to do something or follow a dream that you just know will make you happy maybe you should pursue it, or at least be open to it.

It’s always tea time

Tea is something that people often find relaxing and comforting. One thing I’ve learned is that there is always time for tea. When things can get confusing and stressful sometimes the best thing to do is pour a cup of tea and take a few minutes to just sit. The tea is really more symbolic of taking a step back and evaluating your circumstances and feelings.

Considering that following your heart is also an important lesson, these two can really go hand in hand. When you aren’t certain about how to follow your heart, what to do, and how to get where you want to go taking a step back can help clear your head and figure out what steps to take next.


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