Resort Vacationing as an Introvert

Hello Friends,

I recently returned from a trip to Jamaica. It was my first time visiting and it was for a friends destination wedding. It was definitely an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience! Staying on a resort was a new experience for me. The last time I had been on a resort I was too young to remember it. So, going now I learned a lot of things about myself and how to vacation on a resort as an introvert.

Know Your Limits

This one could be a bit difficult to fulfill depending on the circumstance of your stay, but I think its an important one. Know how long is long enough for you. If you know, from previous experience, that after 5 days away you are ready to go home, only stay for 5 days. Even if you are going with other people sometimes the most important thing to do for yourself is go for however long is comfortable for you.

Bring Comforts

We all have those things that make us feel safe/calm/relaxed/at home/recharged/etc. Something I found very important was to bring some of those things with me. If you are a reader, bring a book. If you draw/doodle, bring your sketchbook. Bring something that you can escape into to make yourself feel recharged even when you are in a place that may not recharge you.

Find Quiet Space

This can be hard depending on the resort or where you are, but if you can do it finding a quiet space can be a life saver. There can be a lot of noise and people in a resort or tourist area, so finding a small secluded and quiet area can be the next best thing to your usual safe place. Finding a quiet pier, heading to the beach early in the morning, or even just waking up early before the festivities begin can be helpful to get that quiet time you might be missing.

Don’t Feel Bad About Saying “No”

If you’re going on a vacation with a large group there are usually dinners, drinks, and so on that you will likely be invited to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dinners, drinks, and socializing, but if you are feeling a little drained from all the social activity it is okay to say no to some events. Maybe agree to dinner but not drinks afterwards, or just end the night early. If you really need some time to recharge take a night off from socializing. It can be hard to say no when you are vacationing with other people. It can feel like you are obligated to see them, but your health and mental health comes first, so if you need a night to yourself to order room service and watch old weird shows on TV take that night to yourself.

These are just a few things that I learned helped me while vacationing at a resort. Of course they are not exclusive and may not work for everyone, but these are just a few that could help.


One thought on “Resort Vacationing as an Introvert

  1. Excellent tips I will definitely keep all of these in mind for my family vacation and be sure to incorporate some good downtime. Thanks for sharing and hope you were able to enjoy your summer vacation.


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