Book Tropes I Love

Hello friends,
Today I am here to talk to you about my favourite book tropes. These are things that happen often in books, but that I absolutely love! They are things that make me absolutely dive into a book and love it even more.

Morally grey characters

I think this is probably my favourite trope. I mean… of all media my favourite characters tend to be the morally grey ones. I love the characters that are murders, thieves, evil, etc. that have their own moral code they follow. I love characters that are morally grey and don’t change their minds. Characters like Deadpool, Locke Lamora (The Lies of Locke Lamora), and Johannes Cabal (Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer) honestly give me life. Most of the characters around them think they are horrible people and deserve whatever comes to them, but they have a moral code and they follow it. I love morally grey characters that do good, through their own grey lens.

Chosen family

Chosen family over blood family! I’m sorry but chosen family. or found family, is pretty much something I live for. Give me all the messed up, broken character finding equally messed up friends that grow to be so close they are their family, sometimes even only family. I love this. Characters that have had the short end of the stick for so long, that don’t have families or who do but they are the worst families, and they eventually find people who love them unconditionally.

Friendship with no romance

NO ROMANCE! NO ROMANCE! Give me good friends, close friends, best friends that DON’T end up dating! I am not against romance at all, but sometimes all the friends-to-lovers stuff makes me roll my eyes. People don’t crush on everyone they know! Not all best friends end up dating, regardless of gender! Just give me the best friends who are best friends, who cuddle, hug, have sleepovers, are emotionally and physically affectionate, but don’t date in the end!

Flawed Characters

Do I need to even go here? I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, considering my love for morally grey characters, but here I am talking about it. FLAWS! I mean, no one is perfect. No one is ever perfect and I don’t want to read about perfect characters! I want characters with bad habits, major flaws, self destructive tendencies, problematic behaviour/ideals… Give me something to relate to and something for the character to learn from, or not learn from. Give me characters that have flaws that make their goals more difficult to achieve.

Average protagonist (Not the “chosen one”)

Alright, all the average protagonists will you please stand up? This is a trope that I love because I find that when reading fantasy and YA the protagonists are often “special” or “chosen” and personally, this gets tiring. I mean, yeah okay some of the chosen one trope is great, but I much prefer the idea of everyday normal people who choose to be heroes. They could totally just walk away or ignore what was happening, but they don’t. There is just something about the normal everyday person who becomes the hero of their story. It just feels like it could literally be anyone and I love that! Anyone could take that spot and that is something I just find moving and lovely.

Earned/Learned magic

This is something I love in books because it just feels more realistic and makes the protagonist work so much harder. I love this more than the innate magic. There is something about watching a protagonist grow and learn and gradually get better at controlling their magic powers. I love that it takes time and effort, like so many other skills and talents.

I’m sure there are more tropes that I love, but we can always revisit those later. What are some of your favourite tropes?


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