Character Pairings I Live For

Hello friends,
Today I am here to talk about character pairings that make my heart soar. This can be in any book, movie, or TV show and can be sibling dynamics, romantic dynamics, platonic dynamics. Any and all dynamics welcome. But, here are some of my favourite pairings. Pairings that just give me life for one reason or another.

Delinquent x Oblivious Nerd

Well this goes without saying, opposites attract (sometimes). So, give me these two opposites. Give me the bad boy. The one that just doesn’t care and is the biggest rule breaker. Pair them with the goody-two-shoes that could never imagine breaking the rules! I mean, the absolute hilarity! The delinquent wants to break all the rules and be bad and charm the pants off our little nerd, and there is the sweet softy that just wants to do good and doesn’t realize they are being charmed!

Gentle Giant x Little Bundle of Energy

I mean, who doesn’t love this one right? Do I even need to explain more? Who doesn’t love a big softy!? Who doesn’t love a little bundle of energy!? I mean, I love them! Just the softness and the contrast and all the adorableness!

Crime Buddies

Are you even surprised? My favourite characters are morally grey and I want those crime buddies. Just do all the crimes! Sure, have some redeeming qualities, but for the love of all that is holy work together to do bad crimes and go against social convention! The trust! The love! They are family! This one could also be the Chaotic x Loyal Sidekick. The one that is just so chaotic and goes completely against the social norms, and their loyal friend/lover/sibling/etc. that just goes along with them.

Dense x2

Give me those two big dumb idiots that just cannot see what is happening right in front of their faces. Everyone on the planet sees it. They are either complete in love and cant see it or are just so horribly dense they cant see what is happening around them. I mean, they are just missing all the signs! This is the pairing that will make you throw a book across the room.

These are just a few of the character pairings that I absolutely love! I’m sure there are more that I could talk about, and maybe I will talk about them another time!

What character pairings do you love?


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