Book Tropes I Dislike

Hello friends,

I’m back today with a post about book tropes that I don’t like. There are always things that turn me off in a book and sometimes they are things that show up a lot in books. So, here we go!

The Superior Protagonist

Oh this one is one that happens a lot. This is the one where the protagonist is some how better than everyone else at everything. I totally understand that the protagonist needs to have something special or different about them (sometimes), but it really gets on my nerves when the protagonist is superior to everyone. There just has to be something they aren’t good at. How can someone be the best at absolutely everything?

Cost-less Magic

So, I love my fantasy and magic. Give me all the books with magic, but don’t give me cost-less magic. I want magic that drains the life out of its user. I want magic that costs tangible elements. I want magic that isn’t easy or simple, but dangerous and potentially deadly.


Oh insta-love. This is so so popular, but I just can’t stand it. Insta-lust makes sense to me, but insta-love just is not for me. I can’t stand it. I really don’t get the appeal, but that’s just me.

Bad Behaviour Excused

Oh the villains and bad boys of the book world. I know you behave badly. I know you have your reasons, but don’t be excused because you had a “troubled childhood” or something. If you are bad, be bad, be complex and fleshed out, but don’t be excused by something like your childhood or backstory. I want villains to be villains and for people not to excuse them because of their backstory.

Love Triangles

Do I need to say much about this one? I just don’t like it. I don’t like the protagonist spending the whole book trying to decide who they want to be with.

Absent Parents

This one happens a lot in Young Adult books. I never understand why the parents are never involved in their children’s lives. Even if the protagonist is 18+ they could very well talk to their parents at some point in the book. I never understand why they are completely absent.

Token Diverse Character

This one doesn’t seem to happen a lot, but it happens sometimes. Putting a single diverse character into your book doesn’t make the book diverse. Add diversity realistically, don’t add a token character. This one is definetly disappearing in terms of new books coming out, so that’s always great.

What are some book tropes you don’t like?


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