How To Reach Your TBR/Goodreads Goal

Hello friends,

It is almost the end of the year! I can’t believe it. It feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating the beginning of the new year. Well, we are at the end of the year and if you are like me you had a Goodreads goal that you wanted to reach by the end of the year. So, I’m here to tell you how I reach my Goodreads goal by the end of the year.

Read Short/Quick Books

This is probably an obvious suggestion, but you can easily get some more completed books in if you read short books. This can be reading some novellas that are around 100 pages, books that are about 200 pages but are fast paced and fun, like middle grade, or reading some poetry. All these options are a great way to easily add numbers to your goal without stressing about finish a big book in time.

Read Graphic Novels/Children’s Books

This is a great option and kind of goes with my first suggestion, but reading graphic novels and children’s books are a great way to boost that goal. Graphic novels are fun and quick reads! There are some great children’s books out there, whether they are Christmas themed or not that is also a great way to add to that Goodreads goal.


Reading Audiobooks is a great way to add to your goal. I have been loving audiobooks this year because I can read in all kinds of places. I listen to them while cleaning and doing dishes, or while stuck on a crowded subway. If you’re like me you can also jack those audiobooks up to 1.5 or more and really just whip through a few books.

Add more Reading Time to Your Day

My last suggestion works if you’re like me and are a student, or if you get some vacation time around the holidays. This is one that I will hopefully be able to do in the near future. But, if you do have more free time whether it’s vacation time or time off from school you can add a bit more time into your day dedicated to reading.

What do you do to catch up with your Goodreads goal?


One thought on “How To Reach Your TBR/Goodreads Goal

  1. kylieandrade

    Hmm…good question. Mine would be to set a goal in the first place, and see how I can surpass it such as I did in the summer that worked out well. Another would be to concentrate on getting more reading done during prime seasons, for example I’m more into reading during the summer and Winter months, so their always good times to catch-up on any books I still need to get through.


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