2020 Reading Goals

Goodreads Goal

In 2020 my Goodreads goals will be the same as it is this year. My goal is the same because I think for me it is a realistic goal even if I surpass it. My reading goal this year was 30 books, which is about 2 books a year. For me that is attainable and achievable. So again I will be putting 30 books into my Goodreads goal.


As with this year and always, I want to focus on and do my best to read diverse books. I love diverse books, so focusing on diverse characters.

I want to focus on protagonists that don’t or haven’t always been heavily focused on. I want to read about racially diverse characters, characters with complicated family structures, histories, and experiences. Characters with diverse sexualities, gender identities, and so on.

I also want to read from diverse authors, including more Canadian authors, translated works, authors of colour, and authors with different background, including #ownvoices works.

Books By My DNA

The last goal is a goal that I kind of let go throughout the year. I want to continue to work on my Books by My DNA series. I have a good handful of countries left to read from, so going forward into 2020 I want to keep on working through them. Here are the remaining countries and books I will be reading for that series.

France – The Little Paris Bookshop

Germany – Book of Clouds

Spain – The Shadow of The Wind

Portugal – The High Mountains of Portugal

Indonesia – The Land of Five Towers

Egypt – Cleoparta’s Moon

What are some of your 2020 reading goals?


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