2019 Reading Stats

Hello friends,

It’s that time of year again, the end of the year. This is the time of year when all the list loving, stat loving, book nerds out there expose themselves and show the world all of their reading stats for the year. So, here I am exposing myself to you. Let’s get to it.

Books Read/DNF’d/Currently Reading

Read: 40 books
Goodreads Goal: 30
DNF: 1
Currently Reading: 3

As you can see I beat my Goodreads Goal, which was amazing! I also only DNF’d 1 book.


The only book I gave up on this year was The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman. I had this one sitting on my TBR for a couple years so I figured I give it a go. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t get very far into it but I just couldn’t continue it.


Pages Read: 9697 pages

This year I read 93% of books in physical format and 8% in audiobooks. This isn’t surprising to me as I much prefer physical reading to audiobooks. As you can see here the majority of my reading this year fell into Comics, which includes graphic novels and picture books. I was really enjoying graphic novels this year and they really helped me get back into the joy of reading.

The majority of my reading came from books I already owned, which was a bit surprising to me. I had thought that I had taken a lot of books out from the library, but it seems like between books I had previously purchased and books I recieved, most of my reading was from my personal TBR.

70% of my reading was from backlist titles, meaning books that were not published in 2019. 30% of my reading was from recent releases. This absolutely makes sense to me as I’m not really one to run out and get many new releases, so the majority of my reading is from books that have been published a few years ago.

Unsurprisingly the majority of my reading was in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre’s. This is completely accurate considering that my favourite genre is fantasy. I was very drawn to a lot of fantasy graphic novels this year so that is what I picked up a lot of.

Again, I’m not surprised to see that most of my reading came from the Adult age range. I am a huge fan of adult. I was a bit surprised about how much YA I read, but then realized that the majority of the graphic novels I picked up were YA, so that made a lot of sense. I also discovered that I really enjoy children’s literature and will hopefully get into more of it next year.

More than half of my reading this year was written or illustrated by a female author, which I was really happy to see. Next year I need to focus on finding non-binary authors to add to the mix as well. About 50% of my reading had either LGBTQ+ characters or POC characters, which I am very proud of. However, the majority of authors I read were white, which is something I will work on changing next year. I also didn’t read any #ownvoices books this year, which again I will hope to change in the coming year.


I am not a person to keep reading a book that I’m not enjoying, so my ratings all skew toward the higher end as a result. So, for the sake of the stats, here is a look at my ratings for this year.

1 star: 0
1.5 stars: 0
2 stars: 1
2.5 stars: 0
3 stars: 5
3.5 stars: 5
4 stars: 13
4.5 stars: 5
5 stars: 10

So, there are my stats. Do you keep track of your reading stats for the year?

Keep reading,

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