Favourite Books of 2019

Hello friends,

It is almost the end of the year! I can’t believe we’re here. Since we are almost in a new year I have got to tell you about the best books I read this year! I obviously cannot pick one and therefore have picked favourites based on genre. These are in no particular order.

YA Contemporary

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is an amazing YA Contemporary about a young girl who finds her voice through poetry while dealing with her religious mother, her interest in a boy, and her brothers secrets. I cried. I cried reading this book. Written in poems it is so realistic and heartbreaking. Truly a beauty.

Graphic Novel

Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau is beautifully adorable. It is about Ari, who works in his family’s bakery, and ends up hiring Hector to work in the bakery. The two boys fall in love while baking bread and desserts. I loved how accepting and wholesome this story was.


If you have been around me at all this year, you know that I have been screaming about these books all year! The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins and Murder on the Rockport Limited have been absolute favourites. Here There Been Gerblins was what got me into The Adventure Zone podcast and it has been one of the highlights of my life this year. I mean, it brings me so much joy. I have read the first graphic novel three times (with no shame) and the second twice.


Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix was the horror I had been looking for. As soon as fall hit this year I was in the mood for some good old horror. This would have been evident by my Horror Haunts series (that is still ongoing, don’t you worry!). I picked this one up and it really gave me a good shock. You can read my full review here, but to say the least I love the turn it took part way through and I loved the more classic horror take it had.

Science Fiction

Into The Drowning Deep by Mira Grant was the holy grail for me this year. I’m putting it in science fiction because, though it is also considered horror, it didn’t scare me. It was spooky and the anticipatory fear was there, but it didn’t really give me that true horror feel. Though that is the case I seriously loved it. It was everything I wanted. It was heckin’ queer and diverse. We had LGBTQ+ rep, disability rep, and POC rep. I mean, how could I not love it. Also, WOMEN IN STEM! I mean a whole book where most of the scientists were women? Hell yes! I can honestly say of this list, this would probably be my number one book of the year, followed very closely by The Adventure Zone: Here there be Gerblins.

Last Minute Entry

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King by William Joyce and Laura Geringer Bass is a book I recently finished and absolutely loved. I haven’t posted my review on it yet, so I’m not going to spoil my thoughts. What I will say is that this was the children’s literature that I desperately needed and it was so full of magic.

What were your favourite reads this year?

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