Bookish Habits || Six for Sunday

Hello friends,

Today I am here with something new! I had been seeing this #sixforsunday thing floating around on a bunch of the blogs I follow and I decided to look into it. This was created over at A Little But A Lot and it is such a great idea. Basically there are bookish prompts for every single Sunday in the year! I’m definitely starting a bit late, but I thought it would so great to give it a try for the rest of the year!

So, this sunday is about six bookish habits! Well, there are a lot of bookish habits so let’s see which six I come up with.

1. Making Endless Lists of Books I Want to Read

I mean, who hasn’t done this? Every time you see a book you think looks interesting or that you want to read don’t you add it to an infinite list? I mean I certainly do. The list goes on and on. Too many books and too little time, am I right? I don’t even know how many books I have in various list of books I want to buy or borrow.

2. Reading Way Past My Bedtime

I’m sure every book lover has done this at some point. Do you ever pick up a book before bed and get into reading. Then before you know it’s way later than you expected it to be.

3. Drooling Over Beautiful Editions of Books

I can’t be the only on here right? There are countless books that are absolutely gorgeous. Standing in a bookstore and gently caressing the beautiful editions. Whether they are anniversary editions, beautiful hard covers, collectors editions and so on. The number of beautiful books are endless and it’s so hard to walk away from them all.

4. Telling Everyone About My Favourites

I’m sure we all do this. Anyone brings up books, series, or fandoms and a good number of booksters will go all in telling you about their favourite book/series/author/character/etc. It’s one that hard to stop, because we just love so hard when it comes to our favourites.

5. Starting Way Too Many Books

Yep, that’s right. I read more than one book at a time. Not always, but a lot. I have the problem of being a mood reader and that means that I can be adoring a book but not be in the mood for it and then I start reading something else. So, yes sometimes I start reading way too many books at once and it’s a problem, but that’s just how I live my life.

6. Always Carrying A Book With Me Just In Case

This is a very common habit that bookworms partake in and can anyone blame them? You never know when you will have a spare moment when you can get in a page or two of your current read.

What are your bookish habits?


One thought on “Bookish Habits || Six for Sunday

  1. kylieandrade

    Interesting habits. Mine are like yours, in that I often carry a book with me when out and about… but mostly to appointments and always have one I read at work. I also find that a part of my habits is that there are two better seasons I read in Winter and Summer. Another is that I embarrassingly arrange the books on my shelf in order by author and title, may have picked this one up at work, and yes I often will start books then get distracted by another book and forget about the original pick.


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