Bookworms To Follow || Six for Sunday

Hello friends,

I am back with another #sixforsunday from A Little But A Lot! This week is all about six Book bloggers, Booktubers, or Bookstagrammers to follow. This will be a mix of my favourites in the Book community and some people who have become great friends in the community

1. Jesse @bowtiesandbooks

Jesse is an absolutely amazing Booktuber and Bookstagrammer. They also run an bookclub over on Instagram for reading about about nonbinary characters and by nonbinary authors!

Jesse has become one of my favourite book people. They have incredibly reviews and discussions on books. Their reviews are honest and fun. Jesse’s personality is incredible. I mean the sheer humor in their videos gets me every time. If you want to watch videos full of heart and energy and fun, I would highly recommend!

I would highly recommend checking them out:
Enby Book Club

2. Michelle @instalovewithbooks

Michelle may not be a huge popular booktuber or blogger or grammer, but they are absolutely becoming my greatest book friend. We have had amazing book discussions, life discussions, and fun getting to know each other. I did my first buddy read with Michelle and it was an incredible experience! Their photos are beautiful and they read a heck ton of books from a heck ton of genres so I highly recommend giving them a follow and showing them some love!

3. Lala @booksandlala

Lala is one of those Booktubers that has an incredibly different book taste to myself, but I will watch almost every video she posts. She is just so fun and she does such incredibly creative videos and video series on her channel! If you want interesting and entertaining bookish videos I would highly recommend her channel!

Her YouTube Channel

4. Dani @thunderbirdwomanreads

Dani is someone I found on Instagram and immediately fell in love with what she was doing. She discusses indigenous literature, which is something that I am interested and working more into my reading. I also recently discovered that she also has a blog! I think if you want to learn about indigenous literature I would highly recommend looking into her work.

Her blog!

5. Tiana @tianareadslgbt

I don’t even remember how I found Tiana’s feed, but I immediately loved it. Tiana reads all kinds of books from adult to children’s and she always reads books with LGBTQ+ representation. Her feed is absolutely beautiful and there is such a wide variety of books that I’m sure anyone could find a book that they might like in the books she’s read. I highly recommend giving her some love.

6. Jen Campbell @jenvcampbell

Jen is an author and booktuber and all around lovely personality. She discusses all kinds of books on her channel. She talks about poetry, recent releases, fairytales and fairytale retellings, as well as books about disability and disfigument. She has the softest, most relaxing videos. I just love to cozy up and watch them with a cup of tea. She also does writing workshops and has published a number of books as well.

I love her videos and her discussions and I highly recommend checking out her channel.

Here is her channel.

Do you have any favourite bookish people?


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