Reasons I Love Blogging || #SixforSunday

Hello friends,

Today’s #SixforSunday is reasons I love blogging! I haven’t really thought about these much before now. I started blogging a bit over a year ago and so far so good! Here are the reasons I love blogging.

1. I Get To Talk About Books

I mean who doesn’t like talking about books? Any book lover would love to rave and rant and throw books at people. What’s a better way to do it?

2. I Get to Write

I have loved writing since elementary school and this is a great place for me to continue to do it. I get to write about my interests and passions. It allows me to develop a habit of writing regularly and that is incredible.

3. I have a place to review books

I mean… I also love talking about books I’ve read and there aren’t always people in your life that will want to listen to me talk about all the books I’m reading. So, on a blog I get to just review every book I want.

4. I get to see so much creativity from other bloggers

Part of any community is the amazing things that others do! I love getting to read and engage with other bloggers. Granted I want to be interacting more with other bloggers, but it’s still an amazing thing to just see what other book lovers are doing.

5. I get to be creative

All my crazy ideas and thoughts and things I want to do get to come to fruition on this blog. Any series or random thought I want to dive into I get to!

6. It’s fun!

This is pretty self-explanatory. But, it’s simply just fun.

Do you blog? What do you love about it?


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