What I Want to See in Books

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I’m here today to talk about all the characters I want more of in books. Of course, there has been a lot of change and increased diversity in the book and publishing world over the last few years, but there is always room for improvement and I think some genre’s are doing better than others.

Mixed Race Characters

This one I think is growing in a lot of different genres. I think that more and more authors are writing characters from different and mixed backgrounds, which is absolutely lovely to see! I absolutely want to see more of this in more genres. I think in contemporary this is happening, but things like fantasy and sci-fi have traditionally been protagonists with Eurocentric backgrounds. I would love to see more characters that are diverse and mixed race or biracial going forward.

Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum

This is a big one. With so many books focusing on romance and falling in love I would be incredibly happy to see characters who are on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. It would be incredibly great to have that kind of representation in literature. I’m one of those people that doesn’t love romance in book unless that’s the main plot. If I’m reading fantasy I don’t want to read about romance when I’m more interested in the quest or dragons or something. I also think it’s incredibly important to have representation of all kinds in literature.

Non-Traditional Family Structures

NON TRADITIONAL FAMILIES! There are so many people out there living their lives in non-traditional families. Not everyone has one mom and one dad who are both their birth parents. So many people have step-parents, one parent, adoptive parents, two mothers or two fathers, and so on. I want to see those families! I want to see older siblings taking care of younger siblings and so on. I want to see those families! I want to see diverse families!

Non-Western/Traditional Gender Roles

Gender roles don’t have to always be the same. They aren’t always the way we might think of them in real life either. I read a lot of fantasy and I always wonder why gender roles are the same as they are on earth when the book takes place in a completely different world. Give me something different!

Neurodiverse Characters

This one is one I always wonder about. I’m sure there are books with neurodiverse characters, but I would love to see more of it. In everyday life we probably come across a lot of neurodiverse people without even realizing it. Why wouldn’t they exist in book worlds either?

Characters with Disabilities

This is definitely something that is growing in books, but I always want more. It really goes down to diversity and representation. I am here for more of it.

Older Characters

A lot of adult books seems to follow protagonists in their 20s and 30s. Of course, there are books about older characters, but I want to see more!

What do you want to see more of in books?

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