Who Would Fit Into My Family || #SixForSunday

Hello friends,

I am here with another #SixForSunday from A Little But A Lot. Today we’re talking about characters that would fit into my family. So, here we go!

1. Amastan (The Perfect Assassin)

Aside from the assassin bit, Amastan is sweet and quiet and a total introvert. I feel like he could just slot right into my family. He also is used to some big personalities, which would definitely make him able to handle my family.

2. Thom (Havemercy)

Thom is a scholar and a book lover. He is quiet and kind. Again, similar to Amastan he is used to big personalities and could totally handle my extended family.

3. Katherine (The Guardians Series)

Katherine is smart and strong. She is a storyteller and that would be great in my family. We like our stories.

4. Merle Highchurch (The Adventure Zone)

Merle is a soft cozy, boy. He’s funny and witty and all about a good story. I think Merle would love my family.

5. Shuri (Shuri)

I mean, baddass, science lady. What more do you need to fit into my family.

I only picked 5 characters because I couldn’t think of another one. But, who would fit into your family?

Keep reading,

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