Things To Do At Home

Hi friends,

I know that things are a bit stressful these days and some of us are staying home or really feeling the stress. So, I thought I would talk about activities that are great for staying home. Here is a list of some things you can do at home

  1. Learn to Play a New Game
  2. Listen to a Comedy Podcast
  3. Read a Book
  4. Start a New Series
  5. Start an Exercise Routine
  6. Clear out Your Closet
  7. Re-pot Your Plants
  8. Watch a Documentary
  9. Re-Organize Furniture
  10. Cook Some New Recipes
  11. Deep Dive into a Topic You’re Interested In
  12. Clean
  13. Dance
  14. Watch A Video Game Stream
  15. Watch an Art Stream
  16. Watch some Ted Talks
  17. Learn Something New
  18. Play Board Games
  19. Play some Video Games
  20. Call/Video Chat Friends of Family

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