Reasons Why I Love Fantasy || Top Ten Tuesday

Hello friends,

I am back with another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! I am back and today’s prompt is Reasons Why I Love (insert choice here). So, of course I had to pick my favourite genre of all time… fantasy!

1. Dragons… duh

I mean I had to start here, didn’t I. If you know anything about me, you know that I love dragons! They are basically my favourite creature. I love all things dragons, from the sweet adorable toothless types, to the horrible and destructive Smaug types. So, fantasy puts dragons in my lap and that makes me happy.

2. Magic

I adore magic. I mean, who wouldn’t want magic? I just love how the world becomes this dangerous, interesting magical place when you give someone magic powers.

3. World Building

Sometimes you just want to get out of the real world. You want to be swept away into rolling hills, dark caves, mystical forests, and ancient castles. Fantasy gives me the feeling of traveling some wide unknown world without leaving home and sometimes that all you need.

4. Action

I love some good action in books. Fantasy tends to do it pretty well. Whether its big armies battling or one person trying to fight a wild beast, fantasy can really give you the thrill of some action.

5. Fantasy Races

I have to admit it. I love fantasy races. I love elves and orcs and goblins and halflings and…. Sorry, I wont list them all. But you get the point. I just love fantasy races and all the things that come with them, like magic, history, and rivalries.

6. Quests

I am a fan of quests. I like having to go on an adventure to find something, retrieve an item, save someone, or save the world. I love the adventure.

7. Lots of unknowns

In fantasy we usually follow a story that isn’t entirely fleshed out for the reader. What I mean by this is we are often following a character within a world full of history and politics and moving parts that aren’t entirely explained in the story. This usually means we will learn more in follow up stories!

8. Series!

I know, I know. Not everyone likes series. That’s totally understandable. Sometimes I don’t even like series. But, when it comes to fantasy I love following characters through a long over arching story, or through years of their lives. When I love a character I want to follow them for as long as possible.

9. Commentary

Fantasy books often have some kind of commentary on real world issues. This could be things like poverty, greed, gender, power, and so on. I enjoy that within a completely made up world there can be deep discussion, break down, or re-imagining of a social system that we deal with in real life.

10. Enjoyment

This last one is a bit of an obvious one, but I just genuinely enjoy fantasy. It one of those things were I just gravitated toward it when I was young and that was that. It drew me in and I loved it.

What genre do you love?

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