LGBTQ+ Recommendations || #SixForSunday

Hello friends,

Today I am here with the first Pride Six For Sunday! Today’s prompt is six LGBTQ+ recommendations. I am very excited to give them to you! If you know me well you know that queer books are my jam!

1. The Backstagers

If you like graphic novels, theater, whimsical and mysterious magic, and heartwarming friendships this is the story for you!

2. The Luminous Dead

Do you like horror? Do you like scifi? Do you like the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a dark cave? This is for you! I really enjoyed this one and I recommend it if you like horror.

3. The Monster of Eldenhaven

Another horror for you! It’s a novella set in a spooky little town with a monster and some other spooky elements.

4. Into The Rolling Deep

This one is a sci-fi horror about what mermaids would be like if they were apex predators. It’s queer, it’s scary, it’s fascinating.

5. The Perfect Assassin

Do you like assassins? Do you like assassinations and murder mysteries? Do you like fantasy? Well this is the book for you! Set in a fantastical desert world with all kinds of mystery.

6. The Prince and the Dressmaker

Do you like graphic novels? Do you like fashion and parties? This is the graphic novel for you! It is so sweet and the friendship is beautiful.

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