LGBTQ+ Characters || #SixForSunday

Hello friends,

I am back with another Six for Sunday hosted by A Little But A Lot! Today’s prompt is favourite LGBTQ+ Characters. I am very excited to talk about some of my faves. These are absolutely not my only or all time favourites, but I do adore these characters.

1. Cecil Palmer (Welcome To Night Vale)

I adore Cecil and his weird and wacky town in the desert. If you haven’t listened to the Welcome to Nightvale podcast you should know that it is a fictional podcast about a radio host, Cecil, who tells the news of what happens in his weird town. It is definitely a niche taste as far as podcasts go, but I absolutely love it and him. I also recently read the first book based on the podcast and loved it, though it doesn’t follow Cecil and his amazing boyfriend Carlos.

Rep: m/m relationship

2. Armastan (The Perfect Assassin)

I recently read The Perfect Assassin and would die for Armastan, even though he is an assassin that could kill me. He is the sweetest dude and I love the interesting take on being an assassin that he brings. I would highly reccommend picking this book up if you like fantasy, the desert, murder mystiers, and assasssins. I’m only upset that the second book in the series doesn’t follow him.

Rep: Asexual, m/m relationship

3. Hal (Havemercy)

Hal! My sweet baby boy! I adored Havemercy when I read it and I love Hal. He is such a sweetheart. If you like mechanical dragons, magic, romance, and military fantasy then this is the book for you!

Rep: M/M relationship

Content Warning: some homophobia

4. Taako (The Adventure Zone)

I mean…. are you even shocked? I talk about The Adventure Zone all the time and I adore it! I love Taako. The charismatic, cooking, wizard. I mean I will keep spoilers to myself, but this is a podcast you need to listen to if you like D&D, fantasy, and the ultimate goofs.

Rep: M/M relationships, F/F relationships, Trans side character

5. Nova (Mooncakes)

Nova is everything I want to be. I mean she’s super sweet and she’s a witch, what more could you ask for? I adore her and her family. She is the sweetest thing in the world and her best friend is a werewolf!

Rep: Non-binary character, disability rep, queer relationship

6. Ari (Bloom)

I think there is a pattern here. All my faves are sweet cinnimon rolls and Ari is no different. He is the cutest and his family owns a bakery! I mean, I just adore him and his relationship. Sure he makes mistakes, but don’t we all?

Rep: M/M relationship

Who are your favourite LGBTQ+ Characters?

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