Horror Haunts | The Shows That Made Me A Horror Reader

Hello friends,

We all know that some things just influence who you are as a person and what you like to read/watch/listen to. I was having a conversation with a friend about the shows we used to watch as kids and it reminded me of all the spooky and weird shows I grew up watching and it made me realized that they are a big reason why I love reading horror. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what made me a horror reader.

To talk about what made me into a horror reader we have to start at my most recent memory of loving something spooky. The first thing I remember was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4th grade for Halloween. I don’t know if I liked horror before this or not, but watching that movie on Halloween in 4th grade is the most vivid memory I have and as I can remember it, that was the start of my love of horror. So, now we move onto some of the shows I used to watch.

Freaky Stories

I honestly forgot that this show existed until I started talking about old shows and all I could remember about it was that a bug puppet was the host. I eventually found it and watched a couple episodes online and it was pretty much a horror anthology show (which apparently was huge in the 90s) designed for kids that told “creepy” true stories about “a friend of a friend” or so the narrators explain. I don’t even think this show was that scary but it was definitely weird.

Update: I found some of the episodes on YouTube and watched them. While they weren’t scary this time around the vibe is definitely spooky and I can see myself as a kid being spooked by the show.

Are You Afraid of The Dark?

Who didn’t watch this show? I mean it was pretty much around the time of the Goosebumps show, but I was not a huge Goosebumps fan (the books or the show). This one was basically some kids meeting in the woods at night around a campfire and telling each other scary stories. A pretty basic premise, but I remember it being really scary (at least when I was a kid.)

Tales From The Crypt

I’m pretty sure I only saw a few episodes of this, or that it was only on at certain times, because I know that show was on before I was born but I must have been seeing the reruns. This one was pretty much a skeleton in a crypt telling spooky and scary stories. It was a horror anthology show, as most of these are, and I remember finding them very scary.

Tales From The Cryptkeeper

This is the children’s version of Tales From The Crypt. From my understanding Tales From The Crypt was doing so well for adults that they, I assume the creators or someone similar, decided to make a children’s version and hoped it would do just as well. It was an animated show that pretty much did the same thing as the others. The only difference was that it was a horror anthology for children rather than adults.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Alright, this was a very weird show. It was basically about a dog who was afraid of pretty much everything, but also definitely lived in a place where very weird and spooky things happened. It follows Courage who was rescued by an old woman, named Muriel, who lives in a placed called Nowhere. Courage is afraid of everything but will do anything to save his friends and family. This is not a horror anthology, but it was absolutely horror. Some very weird and grotesque things happened in this show.

These are not all the spooky and scary shows I watched as a kid, but these are the ones that I remember most vividly. I can definitely see where my horror inclinations came from after revisiting these shows. They were all weird and spooky. If you want a good spook I’d recommend checking these out.

Did you watch any weird or spooky shows as a kid?

Happy watching,

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