Dimension 20, Dice Funk, The Adventure Zone | Unexpected Self Care

Hello friends,

I hope you are all doing well. I am pretty sure all of us have been finding solace in different things throughout this lockdown/quarantine/social unrest/etc. so today I am talking about something that, though I loved before quarantine, became a very unexpected way to find self care.

As I’m sure you realized from the title I’m talking about Dimension 20, Dice Funk, and The Adventure Zone. If you know me you will know what this is all about. If you don’t know me I will explain. All three of these shows are actual play Dungeons and Dragons shows. The Adventure Zone and Dice Funk are both podcasts and Dimension 20 is a show from the College Humor folks.

Now that you know these are Dungeons and Dragons shows, you should also know that I have been in love with Dungeons and Dragons actual play shows have been my obsession for a couple years now. It has been something that has been giving me a lot of entertainment and joy.

Over this whole lockdown thing I have found it incredibly hard to read and consume media and entertainment. I have struggled to read anything, as much as I love reading and find some solace in it. As a mood reader the things around me and the state of my mental health heavily effects my ability to read. Though I wasn’t reading, I desperately wanted to absorb a story, and Dungeons and Dragons is just a collaborative storytelling experience. So, what’s better than to consume some D&D?

Dimension 20 wasn’t something I had watched a lot before, but it really became such a safe space. The players are so smart and fun and creative. The stories are so heartfelt, fleshed out, and complex. They have multiple seasons and every season is interesting and unique. I loved seeing the creativity and the friendships between the players on the show. It was definitely a great escape and I got to experiences amazing stories even without being able to read.

Dice Funk and The Adventure Zone encompass all the things I mentioned about Dimension 20 as well. They are both funny, heartfelt, complex, interesting, and insanely creative. The friendships between players is beautiful and astounding. The stories just completely suck me in. Listening and watching these shows really became a self care act for me. It was a way to forget what was happening and get lost in a story with some amazing people.

While being separated from friends and loved ones, being able to experience the fun and excitement players had in these shows filled a void. I got to laugh and be shocked and surprised in a way that other media doesn’t always provide. It also felt more intimate because it was a group of friends just playing a game, almost like you were just hanging out in the same room with them.

If you are at all curious in Dungeons and Dragons I highly recommend checking these shows out. Also, make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Whatever you do for self care, make sure you continue to do it.

Stay safe,

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