Horror Haunts | Books I Loved but Didn’t Find “Scary”

Hello friends,

Today I am here to talk about some horror books I’ve read. I have found that I love horror, but not a lot of them actually scare me! So, here are some horror books that I have loved but wasn’t scared by.

Into The Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

I loved Into The Drowning Deep! I mean anything with mermaids who are actually apex predators is something I will probably love. The book was atmospheric and thrilling. It was filled with suspense and some really unsettling moments, but I wasn’t feeling that intense terror from this. It still gave me a lot of suspense and I loved it.

The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht

I absolutely loved this novella. It was weird and gory and dark. I mean it was definitely not about the heroes. It was about the villans, the monsters if you will. I would defintely want more books like this. It was dark, gritty, gross and also had a very interesting romance happening. I would highly recommend it, as long as you can handle some gory content.

Feed by Mira Grant

This is a story about siblings who are living in a post zombie apocalypse America. They are journalists in the world of blogging being the biggest news source. I sadly didn’t get the scary vibes from this book. I was expecting scary, gross zombies, but instead got normal life with some slight inconvenience of zombies. I definitely thought it was a super interesting sci-fi zombie story, but I really didn’t feel the horror vibes from it. I would still recommend it!

The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling

I loved this book! It was dark and spooky. It had all the vibes I like in dark scary books. It was claustrophobic and unsettling and I loved it! It definitely is more of an atmospheric horror than any specific monster or gory horror. I think for me, I absolutely enjoy atmospheric horror, but don’t find it as scary as creature horror. I am absolutely looking forward to reading more from Starling! I can’t wait to see what new horror books she will come out with!

What horror books have you read that haven’t scared you?

Happy Haunting,

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