Horror Haunts || Finding My Niche

Hello friends,

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I like horror books. I mean, who is really surprised right? Well, one thing I have discovered as I get back into horror is that I don’t know what specific things I like in horror, or where my niche is. So, here are some horror sub-genres and a book I want to read in each sub-genre.


Haunting horror is pretty much what it sounds like. Haunting horror is about a ghost or poltergiest that is connected to a building or person. This is the typical haunted house trope you see in horror books and movies.

One book that would fall under this genre is Kill Creek by Scott Thomas. Kill Creek is about a group of horror writers who are invited to spend Halloween night in one of the country’s most haunted houses. What begins as publicity stunt soon turns into a night of terror.


I’m sure most of us know what this means, and honestly it could encompass a large portion of the horror general. Paranormal horror is when there is a mortal hero fighting against some kind of supernatural creature or event.

One book that would fall under this paranormal sub-genre that I’d like to read is Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero. Meddling Kids follows a group of friends who were amateur sleuths in their teens. Thirteen years after their last case, one friend has died, the culprit has been released from prison, but the friends caught the wrong guy and now have to discover what really happened. They must discover what real monsters have left them all with scars and nightmares.

If this sounds like Scooby Doo all grown up, you’re absolutely right!

Vampire Horror

Alright, I know. This falls under paranormal, but there isn’t much horror that doesn’t. So, since I’m looking for those really specific niche interests I have within the horror genre it only made sense to have Vampire stories as a seperate sub-genre.

I don’t need to explain this one really. It’s simple. If it’s a horror book that features vampires, I’m interested. Fledgling by Octavia Butler is about a young girl who wakes up with no memory. She then has to uncover her history, and soon learns that she is a 53-year-old vampire.

Space Horror

Space horror is kind of what it sounds like. It’s horror that takes place in space. It can take place on a space ship or a foreign planet and it will of course be very spooky.

One book that I am super excited to read is The Outside by Ada Hoffman. The Outside is about scientist Yasira who has discovered a new energy drive that could change the course of the future. When she activates it reality warps and kills everyone on her spaceship, now she is abducted by the AI gods agents and is forced to find an either bigger threat.

Ocean Horror

This one is also pretty self-explanatory. This is horror that takes place on the sea or revolves around deep sea creatures. I will admit that I’ve only read 1 book in this genre so far, but what I read I absolutely adored, so I am desperate to get to more.

One book that I want to read in this sub-genre is The Swarm by Frank Schatzing. This is about a whole host of tragedies happening in the ocean. From whales sinking ships to toxic crabs, the sea is taking revenge and countries all over the world are feeling the effects.

Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy is a sub-genre that mixes horror elements with fantasy stories. This tends to create a gloomy dark tone to the story that creates a feeling of dread. These also tend to be more about human strife than supernatural things.

One book I am hoping to read that I think falls under this sub-genre is Sabriel by Garth Nix. Sabriel has always lived outside the Wall of the Old Kingdom and away from the Dead who wont stay dead. When her father disappears she leaves her safety to embark on a journey, fraught with supernatural dangers to find him.

Here are just a few horror sub-genres that I am looking to explore more. Do any of these look interesting to you?


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