End of Year Anticipated Releases

Hello friends,

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of the year?! I sure can’t! Well, since it’s almost the end of the year I am going to give you a very short list of some of the books I’m anticipating that will be released before the end of the year!

Master of One – Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett

Friends. I loved the first book by these authors, so I was screaming when I heard about this release. Here is what I will tell you about this title. Sinster Sorcery. Heist plot. Gallows humor. Queer Romance. Need I say more? I don’t. It sounds perfect.

The Bright and Breaking Sea – Chloe Neill

Alright. This book looks so great. All I know about it is pirates and a woman captaining a ship while using some magical affinity to the sea. It’s High Fantasy and maybe Scifi. I mean, the cover hooked me and honestly I think I have a thing for Pirate stories. I’m pretty sure there’s also something about finding a spy. But, I want to go into this one with no real clue what it’s about.

The Bitterwine Oath by Hannah West

Alright, a rumour about a cult claiming men in a small town, a young woman finding out more about the possible truth behind these ritualistic murders, and the potential of supernatural things going on? It sounds weird and wild and I want to read it.


What books are you looking forward to at the end of the year? Do any of these sound interesting to you?

Happy reading,

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