Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated || eARC Review

Title: Shoplifters Will Be Lliquidated
Author: Patrick Kindlon, Mike Marts, Stefano Simeone
Genre: Science Fiction, Graphic Novel
Age: Adult
Page Count: 120
Publication Date: October 13, 2020
Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Themes: Consumerism, Society


“The largest retailer in the world requires the best-trained loss prevention staff, and Security Officer Nussbaum defends the company interests at any cost. Life, human rights, rational thought are all secondary concerns. But his world is upended when he finds a society living under the retail outlet – a culture that challenges his notions about consumerism and sense of self. Is he ready for the message? Imagine Judge Dredd working for Amazon, and you’ve got a hint of what you’re in for.”

Thank you to NetGalley, AfterShock Comics, and Diamond Book Distributors for an eARC of this title.

This was definitely an interesting read. It stood out to me with the idea that a huge retailer is now making profit off of pretty much everything. I also thought it was interesting how they were working to generate a loss-prevention system that was flawless, which ended up being pretty gruesome.

In all honesty, this graphic novel just wasn’t for me. I thought the concept was incredibly interesting, but I didn’t quite understand what the message was supposed to be. It seemed that there was supposed to be a commentary on consumerism and the problems of it, but as the graphic novel went on I kind of got lost in what was happening and why things were happening. If there was more explanation I think I would have enjoyed it much more.

The art style is great and the concept is interesting, but this one just wasn’t for me.

Rating: 2/5 Stars.

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