Crooked Shadows – Book Review

Title: Crooked Shadows
Author: M.A. Grant
Series/Number: Whitethorn Agency #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age: Adult
Publication Date: December 14, 2021
Publisher: Carina Press
Themes: MM Romance, Vampires, Mystery, PTSD, Violence


Everyone has secrets. Especially those who live in the shadows.

Cristian Slava doesn’t fear much. After he was betrayed by the man he called an uncle, leaving upstate New York for the Carpathian Mountains of his childhood is more a matter of practicality than fear. With him is Atlas Kinkaid, a former marine turned fierce bodyguard…and fierce lover, albeit a hell of a complicated one.

Cristian’s cunning is tested by the politics and intrigue of the vampire families of Romania, and the warm welcome he and Atlas were assured of quickly turns to ash as they race to unravel the mystery of an old friend’s disappearance. Searching for the missing vampire draws them into a web of betrayal and half-truths that reaches further than Cristian ever could have imagined, and they uncover a string of grisly murders that bear a striking similarity to the attack that changed Atlas’s life forever.

Stalked by the past and uncertain of the future, Cristian learns he does have something to fear after all…

Losing the man he loves.

Thank you to NetGalley and Carina Press for an eARC of this title.

Alright friends, give me a moment to scream into the void. *screams* Okay, I think I’ve collected myself now. Where do I even start? This is the second book in what is now one of my favourite series, definitely a favourite read in 2021. I mean, anything with queer vampires will hook me in seconds, and this is no exception.

Crooked Shadows starts right where Rare Vigilance ends, with Christian and Atlas making their way to Romania, only to face even more complicated situations and danger. I love how fast paced this book was. It just dove into the action and the problem solving right away. I really enjoyed how the mysteries of the first book were revealed, it was a slow process and we only learned about information when Christian and Atlas learned about them. I found their growth and development really interesting. I also really liked seeing them in an environment where Atlas had to rely on Christian to know what was happening and the right steps to take. It was great to see them interacting in a different way.

I also really enjoyed how Atlas’ PTSD and trauma was dealt with. It was never taken lightly and it was handled with a delicate hand. I think it was really great to see both Christian and Atlas lean on each other in different ways throughout the story, as well as watching their connection grow. I am anxiously waiting for the third and final book in this trilogy to come out. I can’t believe it’s almost at the end, but oh how excited I am for it.

Rating: 5/5

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