2022 Anticipated Releases – Part 1

Hello! It’s 2022 and I am here to yell about all the books coming out this year that I keep hearing about! These all look so good!

Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor – Feb 1

“In Rosiee Thor’s lavish fantasy novel with a Jazz Age spark, a politically savvy teen must weigh her desire to climb the social ladder against her heart in a world where magic buys votes.” This sounds like an amazing magical story that I can’t wait to read, that’s filled with some great representation!

Rep: aro/ace spectrum, bisexual, non-binary

The Magic Between by Stephanie Hoyt – Feb 15

“In a world where everyone has magic coursing through them, legend says magic itself craves a mate. Legend says those with opposite magics have the greatest chance of forming the unbreakable Bond it desires.” I mean, a magical world with magical bonds and a romance. Yes please.

Rep: bisexual, mm romance

Dead Collections Isaac Fellman – Feb 22

“A whirlwind romance between an eccentric archivist and a grieving widow explores what it means to be at home in your own body in this clever, humorous, and heartfelt novel.” An interesting take on vampirism, greif, internet fandom, and romance all wrapped up into one. This looks good!

Rep: Trans main character

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake – Feb 22

“A clever and steamy queer romantic comedy about taking chances and accepting love—with all its complications—by debut author Ashley Herring Blake.” This sounds so good. I’m hyped for a photographer, single mother, wedding plot, and romance all wrapped into one. This sounds so good!

Rep: Lesbian, Bisexual

The Circus Infinite by Khan Wong – Mar 8

“Hunted by those who want to study his gravity powers, Jes makes his way to the best place for a mixed-species fugitive to blend in: the pleasure moon. Here, everyone just wants to be lost in the party. It doesn’t take long for him to catch the attention of the crime boss who owns the resort-casino where he lands a circus job. When the boss gets wind of the bounty on Jes’ head, he makes an offer: do anything and everything asked of him, or face vivisection.” Queer sci-fi with a circus, a crime boss, a bounty, and high stakes! I think this will be such a great book!

Rep: asexual spectrum

Lead Me Astray by Sondi Waner – Mar 15

A ghost, a werewolf, and an empath join together to stop an evil vampire?! I am all for this kind of paranormal detective mystery vibe. This sounds like the most amazing queer paranormal plot line I could ever hope for!


The City of Dusk by Tara Sim – Mar 22

“Set in a gorgeous world of bone and shadow magic, of vengeful gods and defiant chosen ones, The City of Dusk is the first in a dark epic fantasy trilogy that follows the four heirs of four noble houses—each gifted with a divine power—as they form a tenuous alliance to keep their kingdom from descending into a realm-shattering war.” Dark high fantasy with royalty and vengeful gods! I’m on board.

Rep: Sapphic, LGBTQ+

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May – Mar 29

“In the aftermath of World War I, a naive woman is swept into a glittering world filled with dark magic, romance, and murder in this lush and decadent debut.” Historical fiction with witches and magic and paranormal happenings. Murder and Romance galore in a gothic setting!

Rep: Sapphic, LGTBQ+

So This Is Ever After by F.T. Lukens – Mar 29

Carry On meets Arthurian legend in this funny, subversive young adult fantasy about what happens after the chosen one wins the kingdom and has to get married to keep it…and to stay alive.” I mean, Arthurian legend, royalty, marriage, heirs and magic all wrapped into one with a friends to lovers romance?

Rep: Gay, MM Romance

Here are just a handful of the books that look incredible releasing this year. Be on the look out for part 2!

Are any of these on your most anticipated list?

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