Shake Things Up – eARC Review

Title: Shake Things Up
Author: Skye Kilaen
Series/Number: Love At Knockdown #2
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Age: Adult
Publication Date: March 22, 2022
Themes: Cheating, Polyamory, Music Festival, Self-Acceptance, Self-Discovery, Roadtrip, Bisexual Awakening, Open Relationship


Three people, one road trip, and so many queer feelings. A polyamorous romance about changing your life.

Allie and Matt’s happy open relationship means they’re both free to find hookups. When Allie gets duped by a date, though, she’s found with someone else’s cheating boyfriend. Ugh!

Meeting Noelle by helping her leave the guy isn’t the night Allie expected, but after the women bond over drinks and a seriously dysfunctional tape gun, Allie’s hesitant to say goodbye. It’s weird; she doesn’t normally like-like people who aren’t Matt.

Matt’s questioning whether he’s entirely straight, and he hopes to find answers on his and Allie’s impending road trip. But he’s cool with bringing her new maybe-crush along, especially since he and Noelle keep finding things in common. And staring into each other’s eyes.

Noelle lost her demanding job right before her boyfriend cheated, and she’s looking for the next one—preferably back home. Allie’s fumbling charm and Matt’s flirtatious humor, however, make her wonder if her life compass needs fixing.

Late-night talks on Texas highways, first kisses, and hotel confessions might change a lot… if there’s a next step for Noelle that isn’t leaving.

A high-heat contemporary romance novel with a polyamorous HFN involving F/F and queer M/F relationships. F/F and M/M love scenes on page.

Detailed content warnings will be available in the book’s front matter and on the author’s website.

Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC of this book.

Oh, Skye Kilaen does it again! This summary hooked me from the start. I mean, a road trip with a cute girl, new experiences, old traditions and some self discovery along the way! Yes! For starters I loved Allie and Matt’s relationship. They were so sweet with one another. The amount of care, respect, and love they had for each other was so beautiful. I also love how certain and solid they were in their relationship. It’s not a relationship structure that most people understand, but it works for them and they are happy with it. I really adored the open, honest relationship they had with each other.

I loved how Noelle came into the fold. She has the worst day ever but is saved by two cute, sweet, kind people that offer her a place to stay and eventually an invitation to the festival they go to every year. I really enjoyed how we saw Noelle, Allie, and Matt interact with each other. I loved watching how Noelle and Allie, and Noelle and Matt interacted and that it was different for both pairs. I think it was nice to see how the two separate relationships developed over time and at a different pace.

I also really loved watching Matt explore his sexuality and rethink what he thought about himself. I think it was so lovely to see him explore this later in adulthood, rather than in his teens or twenties. I haven’t read a lot of books where people in their late 20’s to 30s discover their sexuality and re-evaluate their sexuality and feelings for the people around them. I also really loved how gently that part of the plot was handled. He was allowed to be messy and confused and uncertain, and he was allowed to be a bit afraid about his feelings and if they were real or not. I really loved how much space and care Allie gave him through it all, and how his relationship with Noelle developed in a way that was comfortable for both of them.

Overall I highly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to anyone who likes stories about polyamory and self discovery.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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