Sing Anyway – Book Review

Title: Sing Anyway
Author: Anita Kelly
Series/Number: Moonlighters #1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance,
Age: Adult
Publication Date: June 1, 2021
Publisher: Anita Kelly
Themes: Karaoke, Fashion, Non-binary MC, Pan MC, Gender Dysphoria, Alcohol Consumption


After a lifetime of failed relationships, non-binary history professor Sam Bell is committed to a new (non)romantic strategy: Thirst Only. It’s the actual drinking where things get too complicated, where Sam inevitably gets hurt.

Sam is good at being thirsty, though, especially when it’s karaoke night at The Moonlight Café, otherwise known as Moonie’s to its largely queer regulars. Moonie’s is fun. Comfortable. Safe. Except for tonight, when one by one, all of Sam’s friends abandon them. Disappointed, they prepare to leave—until their #1 karaoke crush catches their eye…

For Lily Fischer, karaoke at Moonie’s is the only time she can step outside of her quiet shell. When there’s a mic in her hand, she’s no longer merely a receptionist harboring big dreams. At Moonie’s, Lily can pretend to be someone else: someone bold, who takes what she wants. And tonight, what Lily wants is the way Sam looks at her across the room as she sings her signature opening song, like they see her exactly as she wants to be seen. Like Moonie’s Lily is real.

As the night progresses, both Sam’s and Lily’s personal fears are tested, and the real world outside of Moonie’s looms. But maybe sometimes, the real world should be a little more like karaoke. It’s not always about knowing all the right words or having the perfect voice. Maybe all Sam and Lily need is a little courage to pick up the mic, and sing anyway.

Alright friends, I absolutely adored this book and devoured it. It was so good! For starters I just loved the characters. Sam and Lily were so lovely to read from and were so cute together. I really, really enjoyed their interactions and inner monologues. I would just like to say that the yearning and desire coming from these two and it was everything! The way they saw each other and thought of each other, was so endearing and lovely.

I also really loved that there was discussion of gender and dysphoria in the book. As much as soft romances are lovely, I also enjoy having discussions about topics that the characters are dealing with and seeing the two react and open up to each other about things. I also loved that these characters were kind of messy. I think that messy and scared characters feel so much more realistic than the characters that solve all their problems without hurting anyone or causing a bit of a mess.

I just loved that they were both awkward and cute in their own ways. That they wanted to know each others awkwardness and all the little details about each other. I was swooning over the earnest moments between the two and just couldn’t put it down.

Overall, if you like romances about music, fashion, and cute awkward people, this is the book for you!

Rating: 5/5 stars

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