Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

Hello friends, I am back with another Top Ten Tuesday! This weeks theme is authors I haven’t read, but want to. There are always those authors that you see or hear about, who have books that look interesting, but you haven’t read anything from them yet. This is a list of some of the authors I want to read from but haven’t yet.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Jess Newton

Jess Newton has a queer sci-fi book about a new world, humans being endangered species and starting over. It sounds soft and gentle, but also interesting and a little bit scary as they have to figure out a new world and life on a different planet.

SD Simper

SD Simper has a number of books out and honestly, there were two things that made me really interested. For one she have a Carmilla retelling, which I mean, the first lesbian vampire… that’s all I need to know. She also has f/f mermaid stories and I mean, I’m so into it.

Isaac Fellman

Isaac Fellman has a book coming out this year about an archivist and a grieving widow and their relationships. It sounds like a really interesting take on vampirism and I am a sucker for vampires.

Alex White

Alex White writes sci-fi books that have LGBTQ+ representation that sounds really interesting. I’m really interested in reading A Big Ship At The Edge of the Universe. They also write in the Alien and Star Trek universes which sounds really cool too.

Misha Popp

Misha Popp has a book coming out this year about a murderous baker, solving a murder and it’s got LGBTQ+ rep. I mean a maybe cozy mystery, with a murderous woman who needs to solve a crime so her crimes don’t get found out? All the yes.

Zac Bissonnette

Zac Bissonnette has a cozy mystery set in Hollywood and it sounds so good. I mean, I have been feeling very into cozy mysteries lately so it just sounds right up my alley.

TJ Dallas

Has a series of sapphic books based on the Four horsemen of the apocalypse and if that doesn’t sound intriguing I don’t know what is.

T. Kingfisher

T. Kingfisher has a lot of fantasy and horror books that just look really dark, spooky, and interesting. She also writes books for younger audiences under another name. But the books under T. Kingfisher look like my brand of spooky, fantasy-type books.

Elizabeth Wambheim

Elizabeth Wambheim has some really interesting sounding fantasy stories that focus on ace love stories, and they sound so good. Also the cover for Of The Wild looks so good!

Cat Rector

Cat Rector has written a queer norse mythology book and there is a sequel coming. It sounds angry, violent, and totally awesome. I mean, Norse mythology has always interested me, so I’m totally into it.

What authors do you want to give a try?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To

  1. I want to try T. Kingfisher cos they look/sound so good! I read Cat Rector’s debut last year and it absolutely wrecked me in the BEST way. It was one of my top reads in 2021 and couldn’t recommend it more—definitely deserves way more hype than it gets! I hope you enjoy all these authors and their books whenever you get round to reading them 😊


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