Wyrd & Wonder 2022 – Month Long Fantasy Celebration

So I recently learned about a really cool month long celebration. Zezee With Books posted about it recently and I had never heard about it before! I am a huge lover of all things fantasy so this sounded like something that I could get behind. The whole idea behind it is to celebrate fantasy, in any form, for the month of May. They’ve got photo prompts, discussions, a giveaway. It seems like a lot of fun!

This year’s celebration marks the fifth anniversary of W&W, so there are five hosts. There are the original hosts; ImyrilLisa, and Jorie. And two more; Ariana and Annemieke!

It is Wrd & Wonder’s fifth anniversary, which is traditionally honored with a gift of wood. So the theme of this year’s W&W is forest fantasy. It’s not mandatory to stick to the theme but could be a fun challenge anyway.

If you’d like to learn more about the event, see the links below.






My plans for Wyrd and Wonder? Probably just to focus on some fantasy books that I want to read. I have a bunch of other books I need to get to, or at least try to get to, and I’m a huge mood reader so I’m going to do my best. I’m not going to force myself to read only fantasy because honestly my mood reader brain would hate that, but I will make an effort to prioritize fantasy books cause I do adore them.

Below is my very tentative and probably way too large TBR list which will hopefully give me a good choice of books to read for the month. I don’t intend to read all of these this month but these are some that I’ve been eyeing for ages and just haven’t gotten to yet.

There’s also a bingo board to help choose your TBR so below the images I will list all the books and what Bingo Prompt they’ll meet if I read them!


3 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder 2022 – Month Long Fantasy Celebration

  1. Welcome to Wyrd and Wonder! We’re very glad to have you on board 😊 looks like you’ve got a great TBR going there and I look forward to seeing what else you’ll get up to this month!


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