Favourite LGBTQIA+ Characters – #SixForSunday

I am back with another Six for Sunday hosted by A Little But A Lot! Today’s prompt is favourite LGBTQ+ Characters. I am very excited to talk about some of my faves. These are absolutely not my only or all time favourites, but I do adore these characters. I actually did this prompt last year as well and all my favourite characters are different from then! Here we go!

1. Saffron (Prince of The Sorrows)

Listen, you should know by now that I adore this book and Kellen Graves is already a new favourite author even though I’ve only read this one. Saffron is the sweetest, dumb baby and I love him to death. He is bookish and ridiculous soft hearted fool and I love him more than air.

2. Kiem (Winter’s Orbit)

Another one you should know that I adore. Kiem is my favourite bi disaster and I love him to death. He is chaotic and wild, but so lovely and soft and caring.

3. Benji (Hell Followed With Us)

This is a new favourite read and Benji is the shit. Benji is dealing with so, so much and I want to hug him and bake him a cake or something. But he is also badass and tough, and full of rage, which, honestly, I adore.

4. Ellery (Murder at Pirate’s Cove)

Ellery is a big softy that keeps getting into the trouble. He makes bad decisions, but he is so full of heart.

5. Viv (Legends & Lattes)

Viv! My lovely ex-adventurer orc barista! I adore Viv. She’s feisty and strong, but she also just wants a quiet life. I loved her development and her personality. She is just like, so sweet and I’d love to hang out in her coffee shop.

6. Atlas Kinkaid (Rare Vigilance)

Oh, Atlas. My favourite bodyguard. I don’t even know how to express my feelings for Atlas. He is definitely a comfort character and I love him so much. He is all rough and tough, but soft in the middle and that is my favourite in a character.

Who are your favourite LGBTQIA+ characters?

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