Murder Most Deserving – Book Review

Title: Murder Most Deserving
Author: Hank Edwards and Deanna Wadsworth
Series/Number: Lacetown Murder Mysteries #2
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Age: Adult
Publication Date: March 17, 2020
Publisher: Dreamspinner Pres
Themes: Coroner, Mortician, Murder, Crime, Graphic Descriptions of autopsy and death, MM Romance, Suspense, Music Festival


An acoustic music festival comes to Lacetown, and with it, another dead body—this one found at Fleishman’s Funeral Home. Michael recuses himself from the autopsy, handing the job over to his arch-nemesis from a neighboring county.

Luckily Michael and local hairstylist Jazz are closer than ever. Between a trio of funerals, a blowout BBQ, and a couple of trips on Beulah, Jazz’s beloved scooter, Michael and Jazz do some sleuthing of their own. With the first gruesome murder still fresh in their memories, they can’t help but wonder if notorious murderer and famous author Russell Withingham might be targeting them from jail, where he’s awaiting trial.

The festival, however, brings in a veritable lineup of potential killers, including a familiar—and most unwelcome—figure from their past. As the murderer circles ever closer to Jazz and Michael, Sheriff Musgrave is quick to remind them that everyone’s a suspect until Sheriff Musgrave says they’re not!

Thank you to Gay Romance Reviews and the authors for an e-copy of this title.

I really enjoyed this book and this mystery! I loved watching Michael and Jazz develop in their relationship and deal with their history. I really enjoyed seeing them go through their emotional struggles and try to work things out with each other.

As for the mystery I really enjoyed it! I again could not figure out who the murderer was or what the motivation was. I had inklings of what the outcome would be, but there were a lot of big question marks that made me unsure of my thoughts. There were definitely a number of possible suspects and I really liked seeing that unfold. I also liked the discussions of acceptance and LGBTQ+ topics that were discussed in the story as well.

I don’t want to spoil anything since this is the second book in the series, but I really enjoyed it and the developments between all the characters.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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